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Honesty, Integrity, and Top Quality Client Services Are Our Bywords

Our Independent status allows us to represent the interest of our clients rather than those of a particular insurance or investment company. We work individually with our clients in order to determine their financial goals and personal needs and then recommend appropriate strategies best suited to help meet those defined goals and needs. These recommendations include a wide range of investment vehicles.

Our company was founded on the principle that what is best for our clients will, in the long run, be best for our company. Our primary goal has always been to provide the highest quality of professional service for each individual client.

Established in 1974, Branch Financial Services, Inc. has become one of the most respected financial services organizations on Long Island. "Honesty, integrity, and top quality client services are our bywords."

Simply speaking, we take a personal interest in your financial future, and we'll go out of our way to help ensure your success.

You Can’t Hug an 800 Number™

We take our trademark seriously. Our firm takes pride in cultivating enduring multi-generational client connections, and the key to this success is straightforward: communication. Unlike many advisory firms, our clients have direct access to an advisor or staff member when they call, ensuring that their questions and concerns are heard, and they receive the most suitable guidance. As a result, our clients engage us in various facets of their lives, which is why our client meetings typically begin and end with a hug!

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Our Core Values: Foundations That Matter

At Branch Financial Services, we believe that the environment we create for our clients is just as important as the services we provide. Our core values guide our team every day as we foster a space that’s welcoming to everyone who walks through our doors.

Integrity in Everything

A crucial part of caring for our clients is remaining honest in all we do. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest fiduciary standards of integrity and professionalism.

Insightful & Comprehensive

Clients can rely on our insights for all aspects of their lives. We spend the time and effort to define their personal goals and needs and we help guide them from a unique financial, tax and legal perspective.

Independent Advice

Since 1974, our firm has been proudly independent. This gives us the freedom to represent your best interests and recommend strategies that are suited to you.

Help & Do Good Things

We love helping people and doing good things in the community. We’re lucky to do work that brings people and families together across generations to help them pursue success.

No Bird Soars Too High if He Soars With His Own Wings

No Bird Soars Too High if He Soars With His Own Wings

At Branch Financial Services, we love helping people. Every member of our team is dedicated to the well-being of our clients, ensuring that their financial journeys are not only guided by expertise but also enriched by a culture of care, respect, and shared success.

We Make Abstract Concepts Simple

We Make Abstract Concepts Simple

As an independent firm, we’re able to focus on continuous learning, innovation, and a tailored approach to wealth management. Our independence gives us the flexibility to build a plan based on what works for you and provide you with the insight to help you reach your goals.

Serving Our Clients and Community Since 1974

Serving Our Clients and Community Since 1974

Doing good things is at the heart of our firm. We love getting involved in our local community, serving the people around us. Branch Financial Services is here to bring people together through all of the work we do, in the firm and beyond.

Our memberships and associations include:

  • The Financial Planning Association
  • The Society Of Financial Service Professionals
  • International Foundation For Retirement Education
  • International Association Of Qualified Financial Planners
  • International Association Of Registered Financial Consultants
  • Smithtown Chamber Of Commerce
  • Three Village Chamber of Commerce

Your Dedicated Team Providing Honest Service and Valuable Insights

Get to know the financial experts at Branch Financial Services. Since 1974, we've proudly maintained our independence while serving individuals in our community and beyond. Our commitment involves fostering meaningful connections and utilizing our comprehensive financial, tax, and legal knowledge to assist you in achieving your goals.

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Our team takes a personal interest in your financial future, and we'll go out of our way to help ensure your success.

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Branch Financial Services works with individuals and families across the US as they navigate their financial lives.

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